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Development is a systematic, creative activity in area of science and technology, making use of regularity and knowledge, gained thru research or outgoing from practical experience of new materiel creating, new products, systems, devices, methods and processes or their enhancement. Company development activity is oriented mainly in area of technic science:

  • Construction, projecting and modernization of mobile technics,
  • Vehicles hybrid propulsion development,
  • Basic and additional mobile technic ballistic protection,
  • Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles development,
  • Development of software application according customer´s specification.


In a broader sense security can be understand as structures and processes, which provides particular form of threads protection.
Threads types, their range and incidence can be very various.
According this we differentiate particular security categories:

  • Physical security,
  • IT security,
  • Political security…

From these different security types our company mostly addresses attention to questions:

  • International terrorism and institution and entity guarding against terrorism,
  • Mobile and static entities ballistic protection,
  • Information and communication technologies data security,
  • Security systems analyses and methods. 

Company provides consulting and counselling in areas of marketing and services. We insure business services in the range of free trade and licensed services in military materiel business.
In our design office we realize research and development, modernization and innovative projects. At the same time we offer CA complex solution services – using technologies from world leaders in this area. We dispose with licensed products:

  • CAD – CATIA V5,
  • FEM – MSC. Nastran/Patran,
  • FLP – MSC. Fatigue.


According OECD definition innovation is implementation of new or considerable improved product (service or product) or process, new marketing method or new organizational method in business practice, work organization or external relations.
From the wide spectrum of innovative activities, our company is focusing mainly on these areas:

  • Development of new or improved products, market competitive and based on research and development results or business activities,
  • Science and technology knowledge transmission into the praxis,
  • Implementation of innovation in other companies by know-how selling,
  • Implementation of modern methods in production preliminary stages of   production process, mainly in the phase of products projection,
  • Products development and development of principles, decreasing negative influence on environment,
  • Working - out solutions, providing more effective exploitation of natural sources and energies.